Kitchen Spraying

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Soon Can I Use my Kitchen?

Once our specialists have removed all the paper and masking, the paint will be touch dry and you can use your kitchen.

We do advise not to use any chemicals on the doors or wet them for a few days.

Will I Have a Lot of Mess in my House?

Our sprayers are highly skilled and will make sure there is no mess left in your kitchen once the job has been completed. They will walk around the whole kitchen to get your approval before signing of the job.

Do I Need to do Anything in Advance?

We ask all customers to empty their cupboards so it speeds up the preparation process for our spray painters. 

What Do You Spray?

We will spray paint the front and back of the cupboards doors, sideboards, kickboards, top-boards, the front facing trims of the carcass and also any wine racks you may have.

We make sure you are happy with the final product before we leave the property.

What About My Appliances?

You don’t need to worry about this! All appliances will expertly masked to prevent them from having any overspray.

Can You Spray Paint Inside Caravans or Park Homes?

Yes, as long as we can have access to the premises we can spray paint them no matter where they are situated.

Is It A Problem If I'm Having Other Work Carried Out?

No it is not a problem, we can work around other trades. We are quite flexible when it comes to booking and dates. 

Will The Paint Flake?

No the paint will not flake, the paint that we use is not normal off the shelf paint, it is a specialist paint made just for kitchens. We offer a 5 years guarantee as well as an insurance backed guarantee.

Do I Need To Have The Whole Kitchen Painted?

The size of the project is entirely up to you. Whether you only need a handful of kitchen cabinets spray painting because they’re chipped and past their best, or the full works, no kitchen spraying job is too big or too small for our experts.

If you have any other questions, please contact us HERE and our team will be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.